Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Left Field" : Now Available Online

EDITED: TWIST STREET is now at its own website.


A webcomic I made is now available for download. It's called "Left Field."

It is 218 pages in classy black-and-white. It's sort of a baseball comic book.

It's in CBZ format so you need to know how to read CBZ files. I use CDisplay personally. If you don't want to use a CBZ reader, just use anything that can UNZIP an archive and that will extract the comic as JPEGS. There are no plans to release "Left Field" in PDF format.

It's released under one of the Creative Commons licenses. What this means: you're welcome to e-mail, distribute, upload, share, torrent, copy or display"Left Field" online, however you please, but you're not allowed to make derivative works without my permission.

While "Left Field" was always intended to be released as a CBZ format comic onto the Internet, it will also be released in a print version in the near future (~ one-two months) as part of the first issue of Twist Street. Twist Street Issue #1 will include a "Commentary Track" essay, Deleted Scenes (including a 5 page deleted chapter in its entirety), at least one Interview, a Letter Page (we are not accepting letters for the letter page at this time), and hopefully some other unrelated material. Also, the comic itself will be presented at a higher image resolution and some of the minor typos / continuity errors will be eliminated.

If you enjoy "Left Field", I hope you come back and check out the rest of the book.

"Left Field" was not intended for children.

Thank you for your support.



Mark Sable said...

Marc "I am not the Beastmaster" Singer gets a link but I don't? I'm the only one who gave you notes without a goddamn link. You are a bad friend. No more Jailbait Babysitter for you.

Also, you never told me you were launching. Congrats.

Twist Street said...

If I were only allowed one link, it would be to Marc Singer, Mr. Sable, Beastmaster or not.

Anyway: fixed.

Also: Google Image search for "Mark Sable"? It turns up a drawing of a naked lady by Ed Tadem.

I stared at it for a long time. Happily.

Damon said...

i wrote a shitty quasi-review thing on the comic at

i really enjoyed it, i don't know if that comes across in the review. if i hadn't read any your criticisms on comics before i probably wouldn't have gone into an analysis as much as i did and left it at "it's funny" but it was like watching a bout de souffle and knowing godard/truffaut came from a critics point of view and applied those techniques. you are the godard of jokes using the word fuck.

if you take umbrage to any of it i'll remove it, i've never bothered to review something before and a lot of it had me thinking about the possibilities/consequences of webcomics than anything i've read from scott morse.

but. maybe if you had more lightning bolts on people's t-shirts people would your stuff more. suggestion.

Twist Street said...

Thank you again for such a nice, rounded review.

Also, Scott McCloud is the one who likes lightning bolt t-shirts. Scott Morse is the one who paints everything purple and pink. I get names confused too.

But more importantly: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's been two months.

Abhay said...

Hi Anonymous-- sorry; been busy. Also, my computer had a serious crash, so I lost some work I'd done. Thanks for asking, Anonymous.

Paul said...

That anonymous guy was you...admit it!

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